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  Great Music Industry Recources!

Promote your music, get reviewed,, your songs played, and your CDs sold. Contacts include 2900 Radio Station Shows, 3500 Music Review Publications, 350 CD Vendors/Promoters, 400 MP3 Sites and more! This TOP site is an incredible resource for the indie-going-major musician. Columnists are all experts, and the resources available on this site will inspire you to do whatever it takes to get your music out there. Truly a great website. A JVM must!

RADIODIRECTX - Promoting music worldwide... a new link.. check it out! Get your music heard across North America, Europe, Australia and beyond.

Steven Brodsky & Associates - music law firm - wierd web site, no suits and ties but hey if you need to sign a contract you should start somewhere... more career consultation here. A host of resources for unsigned musicians, including articles, contacts, CD reviews and more. Definitely worth checking out

The Indie Group: A good collection of resources for the independent musician and recording professional

Song provides centralized access searchable by such classifications as genre, publisher, theme, keyword, and tempo. A user can begin negotiating with the seller through the site's online messaging system.

Just Plain Folks: Supportive articles and networking with pro's and fellow artists, plus an informative and well researched newsletter.

MusicTECH Productions on the Web: musicians' classifieds, artist showcase, links, technical advice, buy and sell CDs, soundware and sample products, and much more!

The SFX Gallery: An online sound effects and music samples database. Search, audition and instantly download any effect here.

World Wide Bands: Helping to promote indie bands and artists who play music of all different styles, this site also includes message boards, classifieds and a host of useful links

Hit-Talk Modern Beats Hit Talk: Indie info for production tips, news and training for beat mixing, creation and more. Search new & used music gear listings along with the catalogs of many of the largest online music retailers to find the gear you need. Also post musician's classifieds for free!

Gear Search: Find musical instrument and equipment dealers for guitars, basses, discussions, recording, used gear and more

indiecentre - Chock full of vital do-it-yourself information on getting your music to the masses.

Musician's Guide - With over 4,000 completely updated contacts for booking gigs, contacting record labels, finding a manager and more.

The Recording Website - Helpful articles for home studio artists.

EQ Magazine - Professional project recording and sound info.

Stereophile Magazine - Hundreds of links and invaluable information about high-end listening speakers and gear. Open up to the world of accurate sound... beyond the studio "cocoon". - Hosting a cash prize song competition with proceeds going towards land conservation and the integration of alternative energy. The site states that it is time for us to make a quantum leap in spirit and technology. Sounds good to me.

Springbound Music - Indy music distribution & promotion.

How to Optimize Your PC For Recording A high quality solution for placing your audio and video on the web!

Rock City News: Wow! A ton of info and resources for rockers! - Sell and promote your music, marketing info

• As if you need more articles.... here's eveything under the sun on - Search engine/directory of entertainment professionals in the world. - Articles, articles, articles, links, tips and more.

The Velvet Rope: Largely a subscriber site, with lots of messages with information to keep you up on the major label world as well as the Indies and their activities.

Kathode Ray Music: Advice here to get you started - artist development, marketing, and promotion consulting organization dedicated to helping unsigned and upcoming bands expose their music.

Guitar Nine: Good place obviously for guitar players with well written articles on the business of being an independent musician.

Network for Good

Network for Good is a resource for non-profit organizations. Pick your passion - Tsunami relief to Art & Culture drives.

Make Poverty History

Support the trade justice movement and the drop the debt campaign.

Amnesty International (AI) is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights.

Coast-to-Coast AM

Coast-to-Coast AM is the most amazing talk show program I've ever heard. Not for the faint-at-heart or closed-minded person. It's on late at night so you have to want to hear George Noory or Art Bell discuss their controversial topics. I like it!

John Vestman is committed to the protection of all children. Donations of time and money are given to organizations such as Childhelp USA, C.A.R.T.E. (Child Abuse Resolved Through Education) or other supportive organizations who are dedicated to the well-being of children everywhere.

Child Help USA

Even MORE links here!
Updated 11/1/05

TAXI: the Independent A & R Vehicle that connects unsigned artists, bands and songwriters with major record labels, publishers, and film & TV music supervisors.

Artistopia Artistopia: Artists not only need a great product, they need career direction. Artist profiles, free MP3 music downloads, press releases, artist gigs and events, music resources directory, classified ads, and music forums and more.

4 Front Music 4Front Music: You've made a great recording - now what? Find great ideas for marketing your music. Helping musicians help themselves make it in music.

Music Business Registry Music Business Registry: Over 700 record companies/A&R, 350 music publishers, 700 music business attorneys and contacts throughout the United States, Canada and the U.K. Great books like "How To Get a Record Deal", "Guide To Releasing Independent Records", "Music Attorney, Legal & Buisiness Guide" and more.

Recording Industry Sourcebook: A must-have book/cd-rom with over 9,000 listings. You want it, you'll find it in here!

Orange County Music Awards Orange County Music Awards: If you're in the Orange County/Long Beach/Inland Empire area, submit your CD to the OCMA - the awards are fun, classy, and it's a great way to be recognized for your talent.

Scott Waker Audio Scott Walker Audio. Synergisitc Research Acoustic Systems. Advanced speakers, cables, acoustic treatment (but not "standard" by any means).

Galaris Musicians Directory: Find all the contacts you need in the music business - promote your music on the site - career support articles too. Categories include: Booking Agents, Clubs, Disc Manufacturers, Distributors, Legal Services, Magazines, Managers, Music Retailers, Photographers, Promoters, Publicists, Publishers, Radio Stations, Record Labels, Music Schools, Studios and Video/Sound Production Facilities.

Ex'pression Center Ex'pression Center for New Media: Accellerated bachelor's degree in programs for careers in the digital arts. Located in Emmeryville, California, the gear and the programs and the people are exceptional.

101 Distribution: 101 will act as the direct liaison between your record store and independent artists providing you the opportunity to spread an unlimited number of individual titles without affecting open-to-buy budgets. - Articles articles articles! Get the scoop on radio promotion and marketing your music! Unsigned bands indie resource. The music business agents, contracts, labels, radio, etc. Articles and info, plus you can upload your music to see how you go over by vote-in reviews. Possible way to enhance your promotional campaign.

Music Connection Magazine: Contact names, phone numbers, articles, demo critiques, free classifieds. LA's hottest music marketplace mag.

Sound Feelings: Great resources for piano instruction, composers, sight reading and much more! Resources for the recording professional - and more artilces to keep up abreast of so much that's new.

Musicians Assistance Site: Loaded with databases to help you with your marketing, promotion, publicity, and performance chores. The downloadable future that is now upon us. Besides being a great site to place some mp3 versions of your songs, it's also an invaluable resource for music news and discussion on the challenges facing the distribution of music over the Internet

Gavin, the Music Industry Trade Publication: Tons of industry information and articles on the business of music from the industry's point of view. If you are going to do battle with the majors and other indies, you should understand how they operate.

Billboard Magazine Billboard: The oldest trade magazine around. They have been publishing for over 100 years now, and have a useful site. Don't leave home without it.

BMI and ASCAP Here to help songwriters learn about the business of songs, and have a ton of information and resources to help you understand what they do, and help you with registering with them, or advising and linking you to copyright information, mechanical rights info, and lots of interesting articles.

Ultimate Band List Site: A huge web site with tons of useful stuff for your career.

Musicians Network: A great resource for all aspects of a musicians life.

Jack Endino's Website: Seattle's producer of many Sub Pop acts and other noteworthy northwest alternative bands has a great site filled with his insights on recording and making records.

TuneTrade: This is the website of The Musicians Trade Journal, a newspaper that publishes bi-monthly with information on the world of independent music. Tons of cool website links. Also, their online Tour Planner is excellent!

Nautilus NEMO DMC-8 Nautilus Master Technology: The NEMO DMC-8 is the most advanced monitor controller on the market. It's virtually a self-training tool that ncreases your mixing skills and improves your sound. High-end discrete Class-A resolution and unmatched features.

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