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  Postive Results in the Studio: Result Language  

Everything in life starts with a thought, and our language is a part of how we set the stage for the results that come from our thoughts. What we say, through our words, our language, contributes to how we are set up to either succeed or fail. Our language is like the rudder on the biggest aircraft carrier in the world. The rudder steers it, and whatever direction it aims the ship, that's where it goes. Without it, the ship can have all the power in the world, and it will use all that power to wander aimlessly, until it hits land, runs out of fuel, or sinks.

Our internal language, or self-talk, is like a kind of "theme and variations" on our beliefs. Many of us are not even aware of the kind of self-talk we use in our heads. From the most creative of thoughts to the most destructive self-condemnation, our mental language is an ongoing conversation we have with ourselves at all times. We cannot escape this internal chatter except through using disciplined meditation techniques. Most of the time, our self-talk is influencing us, like an internal sales pitch on what we are worth and what we deserve to have in our lives. The tone of our internal influencing has been set by what is acceptable in our culture.

Society gives us "scripts" that stack the deck against us.

Have you ever noticed the general tone of negativity in our day to day communication? We say my back is killing me, we unlock the dead bolt, we make hard earned dollars, we have mid-life crisis, we kill two birds with one stone, we have dirty old men, dumb blondes, dim wits, broken English, old maids, short tempers, and bad habits! It's amazing the way we shape our verbal environment! Our face breaks out, we're in sad shape, we're messed up, we're over the hill, and our kids go through the terrible two's! We say I'm mad about you, whatever can go wrong will go wrong, things are going to get worse before they get better, we stumble on an idea, we're just scraping by, we're out to lunch, we're killing time, we quit while we're ahead, we're bored to tears, we fail to understand, we're down on our luck, we're dying of curiosity, and the list goes on!

These phrases are what I call "scripts" that can turn into self-fulfilling prophecies. The cultural acceptance of these phrases ingrains their rightness. This makes it even harder to not believe they're true.

We get scripted by everything around us. If we see enough of something in our environment, it moves our cultural standards. Our cultural standards shape much of what we decide as being ok, and not ok.

Key: Our minds work in pictures, not written phrases.

If someone says, "American Flag", we don't have a little typewriter or bouncing ball going across our brain.... we "see" a picture of an American Flag. Even if someone says, "DON'T visualize a yellow school bus..." we still "see" it, with no effort on our part at all.

All the pictures we have seen or heard go into our subconscious, and stay there... mounting a case for the "message majority". As we build up the number of positive pictures logged in our subconscious, we gravitate toward (buy into) the positive outcome faster. That's how advertising works, and the ad companies know it. Whatever we put in our mind, our mind accepts.

Most of the time, if you put no conscious direction into your language, you will be automatically choosing the scripts that others have set up. If you use words that identify the perfect end result, you are using the most efficient means of directing the steps you take to what you desire.

Key: What you think and say automatically links to the scripts of society. When we think, "I can't afford [something}..." it teams us up with eveyone else who "can't afford" something. When you say "I can't afford it.." to someone else, a part of their mind (empathetically) agrees with you. STOP THAT! Do you really want people to agree with that? We can have people supporting our success automatically when we say "I'm saving for that synth I'll be getting..." because a part of their mind automatically agrees with that too! Which would you rather people think "for" you? Not affording, or saving and getting?

Whether it's a new P.A. system or a better relationship, our life is always changing as we direct it. Since you now know this, you know that the outside world is no longer responsible for what you allow to go into your mind. You now pay closer attention to what's being said around you, and to pay closer attention to what you say about yourself! It really matters.

This is not hocus-pocus -- it's science. Check out the book "Beyond the Quantum" by Michael Talbot and read about the findings of quantum physicists and psychologists who confirm the power of result language. Look up M-Fields, Morphogenetic Fields, Morphic Fields and Rupert Sheldrake for more info.

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5 Quick tips!
1. Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect! You can practice sloppy all day long, and your chops will remain.... Whether you sing or play an instrument, your muscles have memory. To get it perfect, slow it down till every note is just right, then pick up the tempo.

2. Say what you do want, not what you don't want. Example: "I'm working on increasing my income so I can afford a new guitar." instead of, "I'm broke and I don't have enough money to buy that guitar." This works great with kids, too. Tell them what you DO want instead of what you DON'T want. Example: "Stay here on the sidewalk/grass where you'll be safe." instead of "Don't run into the street - you'll get hit by a car." If you say a negative, just follow it with a positive.

3. Give up your wants. Pretend from now on that you get exactly what you think. I mean... EXACTLY... what you think. Example: If you think, "I want more money." you will KEEP wanting. If you think, "I attract people who are happy to pay me very well for my services." you will ATTRACT.

4. Shift your focus from goals to intentions. Most people don't stick to goals, but once you identify your intentions, they stick to you. Intentions are what you create from. Example: I set an intention to be happier in my profession. I had set goals and was reaching them, but I wasn't as happy as I wanted to be. Once I identified that I felt too alone working out of my house, I moved into a new business complex where I am very happy being around lots of people.

Key: Goals tend to center around things and times, whereas intentions center around ways of BEING. Example: Goal - I will have a new guitar by December. Intention - I am a great guitarist, and I intend to have a new guitar by December that elevates my performances and enriches the accomplishment of my dreams.

5. All compliments are welcome... but in general, compliment women in
personal ways, and men in result ways. Example: When a female vocalist finishes a great track in the studio, say, "You are a wonderful singer. We love how you really brought out the feeling of the lyric. Now let's listen back..." - If it's a guy who just finished singing, say, "Good job singing. That take sounded great and felt great too. Let's listen back..."

Result language is great when working with kids. It's done wonders for my son who won "Most Positive Attitude" in his school in 6th grade. For me, what's most imporant to teach often isn't taught in schools. Here's the cirriculum I endorse:

1. You are One with everyone and everything in the Universe. All things are part of One Living System.

2. Because you are One with Life, you have the power to create what you wish to experience in your life.

3. The way you create is by what you think, say, and do.

4. It is not possible to make a mistake in the process of creation, and failure is an illusion. You are succeeding at creating every thing you've created. Everything that you create is perfect just as it is, including you.

5. When you create, you are fulfilling the purpose of your life, because creating is how you grow and evolve, and that is what you and all living things are on Earth to do - to make known the unknown.

6. Life Itself is your greatest teacher, and it has built-in consequences, but never punishments. Punishment is not a part of Life's plan, and has no place in the Kingdom of Life. Learning was always meant to be easy --- it is actually a process of remembering what your soul has always known. This kind of "learning" will be joyful when you use the experience that you are now having to remember as much as you can about Life. Then you will remember what you need to remember when you need to remember it to make life work in the future.

7. Try to never harm another person, place, or thing in any way, but only to help others and love them as best you can, especially when they have made a mistake or have done something wrong. If you can do this, you will create a friend of just about everyone you know, and when you need one you will never be without one.

8. There is enough for everyone. It takes very little to be happy, and the fastest way to create happiness for yourself is to create happiness for another.

9. Your very best friend is Life Itself, because it never ends. When the portion of your life that you spend on Earth is over, there will be no "Judgment Day," no condemnation, and no punishment, but simply an opportunity for you to review all of the thoughts, words, and actions of your life and decide whether, as you go on to other adventures, you wish to choose again when confronted with similar circumstances. Choice is the process by which you evolve, and ultimately experience Who You Really Are.

These are the Nine Components of the core curriculum of the first years of Creation Education. The messages will become more sophisticated as the child moves on.

Created 11/15/99 - Modified 9/26/05
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