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Here's an example of a set of stereo Separations and stereo mixdown files.
Your stereo mix should have a top ceiling meter/output level of -3 to -5dBFS
Please send all stereo 24 bit files (even if you originally recorded on a 16-bit system:

• Your Song Title_Stereo Mix.wav
• Your Song Title_Drums.wav
• Your Song Title_Bass.wav
• Your Song Title_Guitars.wav
• Your Song Title_Keyboards.wav
• Your Song Title_Vocals.wav

Do not use zipped files or MP3s except when sending reference songs

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READ About Important Audio File, MP3 Info Here

When you get files from us:

• In addition to auditioning your music on iTunes, burn your files to CDR usingToast or other audio CD program.

• Burn your CDR's at the slowest speed your burner will go. It will sound better.

• The way your project sounds on home systems or car stereos is just as important as it is back in your studio. A/B with several commercial CD's. Check a computer system with a sub woofer, or ear buds. The more places you listen, the better idea you'll have about the sound, clarity, detail and punch that we produce for you.

• Our Master CDR's and DDP's will have CD Text included - but our masters do not automatically produce song/album titles on a computer. That requires CDDB (CD Data Base). Check here for more info about radio station ISRC requirements and CDDB.

Doing some research can save you time

Major artists are fed up with MP3s and less-than-fabulous sound. Computers, Smartphones and internet services are faster - so now HIGH-RESOLUTION AUDIO is in demand. Mastered for iTunes has been a great start.

Your product deserves the same attention to detail that is available with LOSSLESS STREAMING services such as Tidal. The reviews will produce discussions, to be sure, but the trend is undeniable.

With Apple's Sound Check and VOLUME-MATCHING FEATURES now found on YouTube, iTunes Radio and more - the loudness war will be substantially less important. Better sounding music will prevail. New high-resolution audio players will replace the iPod for the more discerning listner. We are here to make your sound Future-Ready.

Mastered For iTunes - Apple Certified